Schreber Live! Michael Vannoy Adams – Schreber Paintings

A series of five paintings illustrating a variety of poetic-psychotic processes from “Memoirs of My Nervous Illness”


A series of works created by cutting up Schreber’s memoirs and combining them with other psychoanalytic texts, resulting in an uncanny peek into the recesses of the unconscious. Vanessa Sinclair, PsyD, is a psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City, and a founding member of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis. Together with artist Katelan Foisy, she explores the magic and artistic expression of the cut-up method and the third mind. Her first book of poetry SWITCHING MIRRORS was recently released on Trapart press.

Evan Malater & Cecilia Wu: Pass the Porcupine – Freud, Porcupines and You

dear Porcupines, As an extra credit assignment following the Angelo Villa talk, Cecilia Wu and I became interested in the porcupine parable from Schopenhaeur that Angelo Villa offered towards the end of his presentation. Angelo used the parable to address the question of  how a group might survive its narcissistic and hysteric tendencies, its craving for leadership and its hatred of leaders, its belief in democracy in the face of the reality of inequality and its tendency to propagate itself on fumes of unanalyzed transference to mischievous effect. We became curious about the porcupine parable.  A random google using keywords “Freud porcupine” revealed a whole teeming history of Freud andporcupines that amazed us and led us to weeks of porcupine research that we now share with...Read More

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