Das Unbehagen has two private listserv groups you may join. DasUnbehagen is for announcements. Unbehagen SalOon has the greater volume and diversity of content and includes conversations, original writing, occasional group projects and other shenanigans. Both of these listerservs are Google Groups which you may request access to via the links below. Please note that if you wish to join both groups you must submit two separate applications. These links will take you to a Google Group page that will ask you to login to your Google account (this does not require a gmail account). Once you are logged into Google, you may apply for membership. NOTE: Please be sure to use the text box to send additional information to the manager to briefly introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your interest in Das Unbehagen.

Click here to request access to DasUnbehagen: A listserv for announcements
Click here to request access to Unbehagen SalOon: A listserv for conversations


Click here to email us at: info@dasunbehagen.org

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