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Evan Malater: IHOP to Psychosis – Having Your Pancake and Eating it Too

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Matthew Oyer – Kairos: Redux

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Jamieson Webster: Paranoid Encounters – From Masculinity to #MeToo – Paranoia, Hysteria and Other Neurotic Dispositions

On April 4, 2019, Jamieson Webster presented the opening keynote lecture for Paranoid Encounters, a graduate conference organized by The New School Philosophy Department. The conference explores a perspective often disregarded, even rejected by philosophy — that of paranoia — in order to understand and gauge whether philosophy offer anything with respect to the contemporary intellectual and politi...

The Stutter in Psychoanalysis: A Mini-Course with Michael Levine

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Hilda & Freud: Collected Words

“The flowers and the words bear this in common, they are what I want. And the professor knew it.” H.D. Hilda & Freud: Collected Words is a play by Antonio Quinet based on H.D.’s Tribute to Freud, the letters she exchanged with Freud and her literary circle, her memoir of her psychoanalysis, and her poetry. Hilda Doolittle a.k.a H.D., a forty-seven-year-old American poet born in Philadelphia me...

Jamieson Webster at Night of Philosophy: Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety!

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Ricardo Goldenberg: Jouissance Again!

Summary by Evan Malater: No mere bomb cyclone could keep the Unbehagen from coming out in force for today’s day long Jouissance event featuring Brazilian analyst Ricardo Goldenberg. A fine day was had by all though Jouissance as such was had by none. By this I don’t mean to insult Ricardo but on the contrary to pay careful attention to one of his key points – jouissance is not so...

Mari Ruti: “The Disenchanted: Queer Theory between Negativity and Flourishing”

Summary by Evan Malater: Congratulations to Jill Gentile and the Ferenczi Center for their rousing event with Mari Ruti on Queer Theory and Penis Envy! By all indications it was a success. Not only was the hall completely packed but the level of engagement by the audience was impressive. Ruti’s audience seemed composed of many psychoanalysts but also those well versed in critical theory, aff...

Marc Strauss: The Usual Sexpects

Summary by Evan Malater: Jamieson started with a message of discontent aimed at the discontents from part one of the Marc Strauss miniseries following Kelly Merklin’s admirable presentation. To those who seemed disturbed by the idea that Kelly’s patient was a (Lacanian) psychotic, she offered that even if we think this is suspect, we should appreciate such a clear and exemplary formula...

The Unbejection’s Presentorsion Discustshine of Shock Lacan’s Famisslie Diffuckult Teckst: L’ETOURDIT

Summary by Evan Malater: With L’etourdit we find Lacan giving an address in the form of a hypercondensed recapitulation of his life’s thinking till that time (1972) with the added surprise that since he was secretly working on Joyce, the language was hypercharged with puns, overdeterminations, indeterminacy and enigmas galore, only he forgot to tell anyone he was going to be trying out...

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