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Psychoanalyzing Ambivalence with Carol Owens and Stephanie Swales

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Evan Malater: IHOP to Psychosis – Having Your Pancake and Eating it Too

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Matthew Oyer – Kairos: Redux

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Jamieson Webster: Paranoid Encounters – From Masculinity to #MeToo – Paranoia, Hysteria and Other Neurotic Dispositions

On April 4, 2019, Jamieson Webster presented the opening keynote lecture for Paranoid Encounters, a graduate conference organized by The New School Philosophy Department. The conference explores a perspective often disregarded, even rejected by philosophy — that of paranoia — in order to understand and gauge whether philosophy offer anything with respect to the contemporary intellectual and politi...

The Stutter in Psychoanalysis: A Mini-Course with Michael Levine

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