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Peter Sacks, Necessity (Mandela), 2012-2014, mixed media, 76 3/4 x 153 1/2 in (194.9 x 389.9 cm). Image courtesy of the artist.


The Candidate Journal is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to exploring psychoanalysis across generations, institutes, and theories. Our goal is to foster a vibrant psychoanalytic community and to work collaboratively to promote ongoing conversation about psychoanalysis in its many varieties. To that end, we are committed to flexibility and to a diversity of contributions from psychoanalysts at any stage in their careers.


The Candidate Journal grew from an assignment given to candidates at NYU/IPE in which they were asked to produce a piece of writing on a subject of interest that they didn’t see reflected in mainstream journals. This experiment launched the idea of a journal that could give voice to the experience of psychoanalytic candidates, with articles written by both candidates and graduates. Based at NYU/IPE and with their support, the journal began in 2005, and early iterations were the product of an active editorial board drawn from the Institute. In 2010, the Editorial Board expanded to include candidates and graduates from institutes throughout New York, and more recently in 2013, the journal left its original home at NYU to become an independent group. 

The Candidate Journal has produced eight issues devoted to themes chosen by the Editorial Board, continuing its previous mission of giving voice to original perspectives, making room for new forms of writing about psychoanalysis, and raising questions of training and practice. We are excited to continue and to expand the original vision of the journal: to allow for participation regardless of institute or affiliation, to serve as a meeting point for the broader analytic community, and to provide a venue for exploring alternate perspectives on psychoanalytic issues. We will continue this vital work in new and energizing ways.

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