David Lichtenstein: A Letter from New York

David Lichtenstein: A Letter from New York

“Psychoanalysis has died many times and in many places. The causes of its repeated demise are often less instructive than the conditions of its resurrection. The cause of death is always a version of the same: it is a discipline that demands too much. It is too austere and takes too long, costs too much, operates too slowly, and produces equivocal results. In short as a general condition, it is an impossible profession in a state of constant collapse.

How it rises again from its own ashes however is always a story about the demands that arise in a particular time and place. It is always a particular story about a particular resurrection in the face of the universal impossibility.” – David Lichtenstein

Click here to read “A Letter from New York” by David Lichtenstein, published in Research in Psychoanalysis, 2016/2, No. 2 (posted with permission from Research in Psychoanalysis)


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