11 Questions to Vanessa Sinclair

11 Questions to Vanessa Sinclair

“The basic idea is that in order to become a psychoanalyst, one needs three components: one must undergo one’s own analysis, one must see analysands while being supervised by an analyst, and one must study psychoanalysis, take didactics, classes, attend lectures, etc. It’s a field in which there is lifelong learning, and if you are passionate about it, that seems obvious. So these training institutes offer these three components in a formal, organized way, but they aren’t actually necessary. Most people who tread the path towards becoming a psychoanalyst already have a clinical degree, whether it is a PhD, PsyD, LCSW, MD, at least in this country. Other places are more open about training what are called lay-analysts or psychoanalysts that may come from a non-clinical background. They may have a degree in literature or something of the sort. Freud himself didn’t require any of this by the way, he would analyze and train anyone who expressed a passion for psychoanalysis and desired to become an analyst. He understood that that passion and drive is what is actually essential.”
– Vanessa Sinclair

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