Manifesto Fest in DIVISION/Review

A group, including many Unbehagen members, presented a Manifesto Fest at the 2015 Division 39 Spring meeting in San Francisco. Click here to read the manifestos of Will Braun, Jill Gentile, Lynne Layton, Tiffany McLain, Tracy Morgan, Jonathan Shedler, Esther Sperber & Robert Stolorow, published in DIVISION/Review (posted with permission from DIVISION/Review).

Stuart Schneiderman: The Last Psychoanalyst!

Does Psychoanalysis Have a Future …Or, Is It All in the Past? From Stuart Schneiderman: “I want to address the question posed by my book, The Last Psychoanalyst, that when Lacan declared that psychoanalytic practice was a ‘swindle’ or scam (escroquerie) he was trying to save it. By trying to make it into an international cult he was trying to keep it alive as one front in the culture war against Anglo-American cultural hegemony. He believed that psychoanalysts do better not to try to defend their practice by claiming to produce positive clinical outcomes. He had already said that good results are an accident of psychoanalysis. He wanted to retain it as a type of initiation ritual into the kinds of mental habits that would be required of those who could fight the good culture war. Fin...Read More


Karen Proner is an adult and child analyst who was trained in England,.  She is presently living in New York and is a member of the NYFS and a faculty member of IPTAR.  She is a training supervisor for the Child Analysis Training at the Freudian Society, and the Child Psychotherapy Training at IPTAR.  She is a faculty member at the Centro Studi Martha Harris in Florence, Italy.  She has been an editor of the International Journal of Infant Observation and has published papers in various journals and in a book on Terrorism.  Her interest is in infant observation and Bion’s understanding of the learning process and its use in training psychoanalysts. Case presentation: Will Braun Dr. William Braun is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice who works with adults, c...Read More

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