Muriel Dimen: A Last-Minute Breakthrough – New York Times Couch

“Julia returned after the August vacation that we New York psychoanalysts customarily take. Well, not right after. She missed the first session. A family obligation, she said. Were I a traditional analyst, I might have wondered to myself: “Is there ambivalence here? Perhaps she doesn’t want to come back?” But I didn’t think that, or rather I ignored that flicker of doubt. I should have trusted my suspicions. When she did show up, Julia told me that she wanted to end the therapy. Very forthrightly, too. Cordially. She asked me about my summer and then said that this session would be her last.” Click here to read more


Unbehagen Case Presentation Event No. 1: “Without History” Saturday, January 10, 2015 Three analysts—Muriel Dimen, Patricia Gherovici, and David Lichtenstein—will present the same case based on a set of process notes from three analytic sessions. This event will explore aspects of the relationship between the patient, the individual clinician, and theory that are usually hidden by the conventional structure of the case presentation form. Other themes will include the effects of group dynamics on the case presentation experience and the ways in which case presentations may implicitly transmit essential aspects of the case, beyond what is explicitly intended. For full description, please read the attached PDF. Special thanks to Jason Royal who composed the attached PDF and who has conceived ...Read More

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