Schreber Live! Michelle Castaneda “Dipping the Game”

Schreber Live! Michelle Castaneda “Dipping the Game”

Schreber’s concepts and voices appear, disappear, cajole, incite, and command according to their own individualized logics. In this short play, those logics drive the narrative as characters like So-What Party and Buttocks in the Mirror attempt to resolve the question of they didn’t let me use the scales. The play text is based on Schreber’s language (half-digested by the stomach acids of Susan Lori-Parks, Luce Irigaray, and Thomas Hobbes). Audience members are invited to volunteer to take roles in the reading of the play, which Michelle will direct “live.”

Michelle Castaneda is a performance artist, scholar, and activist who works at the intersection of performance and law. She is currently writing a PhD dissertation on the theatricality of immigration law and is active in the Sanctuary movement.

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