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On Violence: Civilization and its Blisscontents

May 1, 2015 - May 3, 2015


Das Ding, Philadelphia Lacan Study Group, California Psychoanalytic Circle, Das Unbehagen  



Friday 05/01/15 – 2:00-7:45pm

2-2:25 Registration

2:25-2:30 Welcome – Manya Steinkoler & Vanessa Sinclair

2:30-4:20 “Philia Fiesta: Necro, Somno, Porno, Scopto”

(30 mins each + 20 mins response/discussion)

Danielle Knafo, “For the Love of Death: Somnophilic and Necrophilic Acts and Fantasies”

Ray O’Neill, “Fifty Shades of a: A Terrible Beauty is Porn”

Liz Monahan, “Violence and the Surrealist Unconscious”

Julie Futrell, chair/respondent

4:20-4:30 break

4:30-6:20 “The Violence of the Mental Health System”

(30mins each + 20 mins response/discussion)

Todd Dean, “How to Measure What: Universals, Particulars and Subjectivity”

Vanessa Sinclair, “Problems in American Mental Health/ Psychoanalytic Institutions”

Patricia Gherovici, “Terror and the Unconscious: Psychoanalysis in Argentina 1976-1983″

David Lichtenstein, chair/respondent

6:20-6:30 coffee break

6:30-7:45 (45 mins + 30 mins response/discussion)

Renata Salecl, Keynote

Genevieve Morel, chair/respondent


Saturday 05/02/15 – 9am-7:10pm

8:30-9:00 breakfast

9:00-10:30 “Violence in Psychoanalytic Theory”

(20 mins each + 30 min response/discussion)

Loren Dent, “Tragic Recognition”

Matthew Oyer, “Wounded Dramatization: Bataille, Hysteria, Psychoanalysis”

Alireza Taheri, “Violence as the Psychical Subreption of the Murder of the Primal Father”

Nuar Alsadir, chair/respondent

“Unbearable Structural Violence: Language, Privilege and Normalization”

(20 mins each + 30 min response/discussion)

Luce deLire, “Privilege as Counterfactual Violence”

Geoffroy Carpier, “Medicine, the State and Normative Violence: Laienanalysis’

Evan Malater & Michelle Alexander, “The Unbearable: Benjamin, Kafka, Freud”

Cecile Gouffrant McKenna, chair/respondent

10:30-10:40 coffee break

10:40-12:00 (45 mins + 25 min response/discussion)

Gerard Pommier, “Orgasm as the Metamorphic Point of the Death Drive”

Michael Garfinkle, chair/respondent

12:00-1:45 lunch

1:45-3:00 “National Systemic Violence”

(25 mins each + 25 mins discussion)

Tanya White-Davis & Anu Kotay, “Racial Opression and Health: A Biopsychosocial View”

Steven Reisner, “The APA & Guantanamo”

Will Braun, chair/respondent

“Violent Silence vs Violent Speech”

(25 mins each + 25 mins discussion)

Jill Gentile, “Freedom for the thought that we hate: Psychoanalytic considerations”

Scott Von, “Violent Silence: Psychoanalysis and the Sacred”

Martin Stone, chair/respondent

3:00-3:15 coffee break

3:15-5:00 “Modern Literary Encounters with the Blind Site”

(30mins each + 20mins response/discussion)

Jessica Datema, “Blind-Sightings of Black Swan: Glimpses in Mann, Kleist and Aronofsky”

Franz Kaltenbeck, “David Foster Wallace (DFW) on Violence”

Olga Cox Cameron, “A Terrible Beauty is Born: Colonial Counterviolence and its Fall-out in the Texture of Irish Childhood”

Jean-Michel Rabate, chair/respondent

5-5:10 short break

5:10-7:00 “Thinking Violence Today”

(30mins each + 20mins response/discussion)

Struggle in France from the 1950’s to the late 1980’s”

Paola Mieli, “On Hate”

Genevieve Morel, “Inclination Towards Terror”

Todd McGowan, “The Violent Failure of Enjoyment”

Patricia Gherovici, chair/respondent

8pm dinner


Sunday 05/03/15 9am-4:45pm

8:30 breakfast

9-10:30 Undergraduate Student Panel: “Violence and …”

(15 minutes each + 30 response/discussion)

Jane Blumenshine, “The Violence of Destiny and the Destiny of Violence: Calderon de la Barca and Maurice Blanchot”

Gabriel Saint Emeterio, “Hitchcock’s Psycho and Psychotic Violence: Is it Violence?”

Arion Toles, “Masculinity and Music and Violence”

Vallory Grant, “Sex and Kill = Skill”

Claire-Madeline Culkin, chair/respondent

10:30-10:40 coffee break

10:40-12:00 “Jack Gets a Bright Idea: The Solution of School Shooting and Understanding Psychotic Violence”

(25 mins each + 30 mins response/discussion)

Manya Steinkoler, “School Shooting: The Case of Adam Lanza”

Eve Watson, “‘Shining’ a Light on Psychosis and Triggers to its Violent Expression”

Todd Dean, chair/respondent

12:00-2:00 lunch

2:00-3:20 “Having it both ways: The Pleasures of Violence and Non-Violence”

(25 mins each + 30 mins response/discussion)

David Lichtenstein, “The Pleasures of Violence”

Donald Moss, “The Pleasures of Non-Violence”

Dany Nobus, chair/respondent

3:20-3:30 coffee break

3:30-4:45 – (45 mins + 30 mins response/discussion)

Dany Nobus, “Too Much Fun Will Kill You”

Jamieson Webster, respondent






May 1, 2015
May 3, 2015
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